Dark Knight IMAX Sneak Peek

Whilst the sans footage teaser premiered during Comic Con, it has been generally believed that the true teaser trailer for next Summer’s “The Dark Knight” would premiere this December.

It’s an assumption that made sense – seven months out from release sounds about right, and having it attached to copies of the much-anticipated Will Smith starrer “I Am Legend” seemed like a great marketing move.

Now, Brazillian site Omelette has learned that something more interesting may be happening. Word is that an entire seven minute sequence from the film is to play in IMAX cinemas this December.

General thought is that it will be the bank heist sequence, one of four sequences in the film that have been filmed in the IMAX format and one of the first sequences filmed.

The sequence itself is said to be a prologue scene that shows essentially how The Joker got his signature look, and concurrent with events in “Batman Begins”. It’s also generally thought that this is essentially the opening of the film – but if the whole scene or some edited down version of it fits into the general release is presently unknown.