Dark Knight For Best Picture Oscar?

It is the most financially successful film of 2008, it has the highest average score (8.5/10) of any live-action film of 2008 on Rotten Tomatoes, and is set to make the list of many critics Top Ten films of the year later this month.

With many of the serious awards contenders suffering backlashes and a lot of ‘was good but not great’ style comments, the chances of the “Batman Begins” sequel getting a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars remains small but possible.

That’s why DarkCampaign.com has begun, a site that acknowledges that the film has an “uphill battle ahead of it for Academy Awards nomination chances” and aims to “turn the tide on those long odds”.

The news comes as Apple has announced that the film has become the best-selling movie download of the year at its online iTunes store, despite it still not being available for a week yet. Consumers have been pre-ordering the movie for purchase and rental at such a fast clip that it has surpassed Disney’s “WALL-E” as this year’s top iTunes movie download.