Dark Knight Films Scenes In IMAX

Various 35mm-lensed features have previously been remastered to screen in Imax theaters, but now Director Christopher Nolan will deliberately film four sequences of “The Dark Knight” with Imax cameras.

The “Batman Begins” sequel will mark the first major feature to be even partially shot using Imax cameras. These sequences will be combined with the rest of the film – lensed in 35mm – to produce the final product according to USA Today.

When the select scenes are shown, the aspect ratio will morph to the larger size, expanding the image to fill the entire screen. Even in traditional theaters, the scenes shot in IMAX will appear ‘more vivid’.

The first of the Imax-lensed scenes – a prologue that introduces the Joker (Heath Ledger) – was shot in Chicago last month, several weeks in advance of the actual start of principal photography. The photo above is from that shoot, as is this photo which you can see another blurry distant shot of Heath in Joker garb – but it gives you an idea of the look including the green hair.

Additional scenes will be filmed with Imax cameras during the course of production. The film is scheduled for a July 18th 2008, day-and-date theatrical release with Imax theaters.