Dark Knight Feels The Need For Speed

There’s been rumor that the Batwing, the personal jet of Batman, might be making an appearance in the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises”. Now a photo on Twitter (via Batman News has rekindled (but not confirmed) that talk with a look at a new vehicle going into the Wabash Tunnel in Pittsburgh.

The vehicle looks very much like a variation on the Tumbler seen in the previous two films, but without tires. Could it be a jet, a hovercraft or something else again? Speculation is rife right now, but a video of the craft tends to reinforce the jet or glider talk.

One bit of confirmed news via Batman on Film is that later this year shooting for a big action set piece will take place at Queensboro Bridge in New York City.

This all comes after a video the other day showing off both a Tumbler and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a snow covered street in Pittsburgh where production is still in full swing.