Dark Knight Casting News

Don’t get too excited Bat-fans, nothing confirmed as yet in regards to who will be playing Harvey Dent in the upcoming “Batman Begins” sequel.

Rather Latino Review has some very important pieces of casting news related to the film today, notably who will NOT be making it into the film.

First off – NO PENGUIN. The shooting draft of the script will not involve either The Penguin or his other moniker Oswald Cobblepot. For months the Penguin, in the form of a European arms dealer, has long been talked about as having a small role.

Secondly – NO KATIE HOLMES. Her character of Rachel Dawes IS in the film, but the filmmakers are now actively searching for a replacement to take on the part.

Holmes’ representative tells The Wall Street Journal that “Katie was offered [“Dark Knight”] but was unable to accept the role because of scheduling conflicts. She was in the process of negotiating for another project”. That project is Queen Latifah’s “Mad Money”.

Other minor roles in the film will include an East European mobster, an Elizabeth Pena-style Latina cop, and an Asian male accountant.

Finally – Harvey Dent is in the film but still no word on casting. At last word Jamie Foxx and Ed Norton are the latest names the filmmakers are said to be interested in for roles.

The film began pre-production two weeks ago and is on course for a March start of shooting.