Dark Horizons: RSS, Upgrades, Feedback

A couple of site-related issues have come up that have warranted some attention.

First up, the RSS for the site was upgraded yesterday to a multiple feed system for the different sections instead of being purely for news articles. Thus there’s dedicated feeds now for news, interviews, reviews and trailers depending upon what you like.

There’s also a general feed which includes all of the above so whenever any of the sections are updated, it will include the corresponding article and link. Those who’ve already linked to or incorporated the previous RSS feed for the site into their browsers/readers/emails should already be automatically switched over to this general feed.

Unfortunately like most tech, some teething issues have popped up. Namely the general feed is only showing titles and links, not the articles themselves. The trailers feed is also being oddly over repetitive on its linking. Both issues should be resolved in the next few days, just be ready for the fact that they may act up a little over that period.

In other site news you’ve probably noticed some small upgrades to the site over the past months from visual changes to some minor special features like the section options (recent, popular, etc.) and article options (twitter, print, text size adjustment, etc.). Most have been deliberately small and brought in gradually to hopefully give you time to get used to them.

In the first few months of 2010 some bigger changes should be coming in including a long-awaited comments system for the articles, an expanded DVD/Blu-ray section, and customized skins which means those who like their sites generally white with black text will now have that option. The various section frontpages and homepage will also undergo a bit of a redesign towards the middle of the year.

Joining the recently launched ‘Golden Idol’ awards news updates and weekly ‘Critical Thinking’ round-up will be the occasional feature/editorial pieces including ‘The Red Label’ which looks at film essentials, and ‘Dark Doctrine’ which will be longer-form essay pieces.

More immediate though is that after the success of last year’s effort, work is already well underway on the extensive seven part ‘Notable Films of 2010’ Guide giving basic details and personal analysis on practically every film hitting the big screen next year. The first part will be launched Christmas Day, with each subsequent part hitting daily through til New Year’s Eve.

Now here’s the part where you come in. If you’ve got a suggestion or comment about what you like/dislike about the site and more importantly what you think would improve it, now is the time to send it through. Like always, smartass remarks and angry complaints are trashed out of hand. What’s required here is constructive comments – genuine concerns and feedback will be carefully considered, the more thought put into them the better. Comments can either be submitted through the contact form or to me at: garth@darkhorizons.com