DH 2017: Bookmarks, Anniversary & More

2017 marks not just a new year but January also the official 20th anniversary of Dark Horizons itself. Though a very early incarnation of the site began in April 1996 devoted to one franchise, the current site as we all know it kicked off on January 10th 1997.

I’ll be looking back at the early days of DH in several feature pieces in coming weeks and months to celebrate the milestone. Today though comes some brief housekeeping to go with the new year – namely bookmarking.

If you access the site through a bookmark link, please do so either through the homepage (www.darkhorizons.com) or the now permanent ‘All Stories’ page (www.darkhorizons.com/all-stories/) which covers every story that’s published on the site. Some are still using old and outdated bookmarks (www.darkhorizons.com/news or www.darkhorizons.com/2016) which still work but will either miss out on key stories or stop updating in the near future so please check and update if necessary.

The site’s current look has now been in place for just over four months, but tweaking will still happen on occasion. Now that everyone’s had a chance to adjust, suggestions are now being taken for ways to improve the experience for you. If you have any ideas on how Dark Horizons can be improved in your eyes, please leave them in the comments below.

Finally, for those interested, the annual ‘best films of the year’ list which would normally go online today is going one week later than usual this year due to a late screening. Expect to see it next Sunday.