Daredevil Teases Second Season Suit

The official Twitter account for Marvel and Netflix’s “Daredevil” series has posted a new picture teasing the currently in production second season. The pic shows off the Daredevil costume in a box.

Fans are expecting the new season, which includes Elektra and The Punisher being a part of the storyline, should have much more action involving Charlie Cox in the suit this time around. The second season is expected to hit Netflix’s streaming service all at once in April.

In related news, the episode titles and runtimes for Marvel’s other upcoming Netflix show “Jessica Jones” have apparently been released via Reddit. They are as follows:

1×01 – AKA Ladies Night (52m)
1×02 – AKA Crush Syndrome (52m)
1×03 – AKA It’s Called Whiskey (54m)
1×04 – AKA 99 Friends
1×05 – AKA The Sandwich Saved Me (50m)
1×06 – AKA You’re a Winner (54m)
1×07 – AKA Top Shelf Perverts
1×08 – AKA WWJD?
1×09 – AKA Sin Bin
1×10 – AKA The Kumbaya Circle Jerk
1×11 – AKA I’ve Got the Blues
1×12 – AKA Jewel and the Power Man
1×13 – AKA Smile

No word as yet regarding when “Jessica Jones” will hit the service other than sometime before the year is out.