Daredevil Star Wants Elektra In “Defenders”


Actress Elodie Yung made quite the entrance on the second season of Marvel’s “Daredevil”. Her character Elektra was one of two key newcomers to the series along with Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher.

While Bernthal’s character was already long rumored to be potentially getting his own spin-off series, the same hasn’t been said for Yung’s character. Speaking with IGN about the possibility though, the actress indicated she had little interest in the idea – but would be keen to be a part of the upcoming “The Defenders” event series which would unite the four Marvel and Netflix heroes:

“I love Elektra. I really have a special place in my heart for her. It was very enjoyable for me to discover her and to adapt her for this project and bring myself to this character. So I have a special spot for her. Having my own show — it’s not something that I think of, it’s not. I think I would choose to do things because they are interesting, because I like a character or because it’s very well written. Or because it makes sense. So that’s my answer.

I would love to appear in ‘The Defenders’. I don’t know — because hopefully she’ll maybe be on the bad side. I don’t know — I don’t know what they’d do with Elektra in ‘The Defenders’ but that would be a good dynamic I think — to be confronted by these four superheroes and I think it would be interesting. I’d be curious to see what they do.”

The second season of “Daredevil” is now on Netflix. No premiere or production dates have yet been set for “The Defenders”.