Daredevil Showrunner To Helm Final Episode

Filming on Netflix’s thirteen-episode “Daredevil” series sounds like it is coming to an end with showrunner Steven S. DeKnight revealing this weekend that he’s about to direct the final episode himself. Answering fan questions on Twitter this weekend, he revealed the gig (an episode he also wrote), and also cleared up a few other minor questions.

Asked if the series will be a direct adaptation of the Miller/Romita run of the comic, he says “Not at all. Just drawing inspiration.” Asked if there’s a Marvel character he’d like on the show, he mentions Wilbur Day (aka. Stilt-Man). In terms of easter eggs to look out for, he says there’ll be “some obvious, some very obscure.”

He isn’t aware when or if Netflix users outside the U.S. are getting the show, and as for a second season he thinks there “probably will be more” though there’s no official confirmation of a second season yet.

Speaking of the show, Rosario Dawson recently spoke to MTV about her role which is said to be an amalgamation of Claire Temple and Night Nurse character from the comics. ‘The Night Nurse’ is a part of the “Doctor Strange” comic, so will she appear in that film? Dawson wouldn’t say, but says she’s very open to working with Marvel again on other projects.