Daredevil Showrunner Talks Costume, Trailer

As the man in charge of Netflix’s upcoming TV series based on the Marvel Comics hero “Daredevil”, producer Steven DeKnight has a lot on his plate these days. Nevertheless, the show runnner took time out on social media recently to answer some fan questions about the show.

So far we’ve only seen Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in a black ninja-style ‘training suit’ and not the iconic devil costume as seen in the 2003 film. Will the red suit appear in the series? “Can’t say. Must watch” says De Knight who does go on to say the transition between costumes will be explained. He also confirms that Catholicism will play a big part in the character in this season.

He confirms there’s no official air date beyond next year, and no word on when a trailer will drop. There will be easter eggs galore for those who carefully watch, and he cites “The French Connection” and “Dog Day Afternoon” as big inspirations for the series.

Finally, he was also asked if he was involved in the upcoming “Defenders” mini-series to which he responded: “Too soon to know”. Check out De Knight’s Twitter account for more from the Q&A.