Daredevil Red Suit Finally Revealed

With Netflix set to premiere Marvel’s “Daredevil” series in its entirety only a few hours from now, it was expected that some people would dive into the latter episodes to grab a screen capture of Charlie Cox in his final red-colored Daredevil outfit. Up until now Marvel has only showed him donning the black ‘training suit’ number which he wears in early episodes of the series.

Getting ahead of the game though, Netflix has now debuted a motion poster that shows us the three stages of Matt Murdock we’ll see in the episodes – the lawyer by day, the black training outfit, and the full-on scarlet outfit. It’s a quite different design than the Ben Affleck one from the 2002 film.

Show runner Steven S. DeKnight also recently spoke with The Live Feed about the cross pollination between this show, the other Marvel Netflix shows, and the wider MCU. In regards to the other Netflix shows:

“There is an over-arching global plan culminating in The Defenders, and some of that groundwork has been laid in Daredevil. I’ve had people ask me if Jessica Jones or Luke Cage make an appearance in Daredevil this season, and my answer is unfortunately ‘no’ because we were operating pretty much in a vacuum with this first one… I was shooting the finale when Krysten Ritter was cast as Jessica Jones.

With Daredevil being the first out of the gate, we didn’t have the opportunity to cross-pollinate with other shows because they still in their formative stages. My hope is moving forward with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, now we will see more cross-pollination. There is a global plan moving toward [miniseries] The Defenders. We started to put things in place.”

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