Daredevil Reboot Dead At Fox

It looks like “Daredevil” is officially on its way back to Marvel Studios.

Heat Vision reports that the license on 20th Century Fox’s rights to the superhero will expire this week.

Fox had been in active development of a new film adaptation of the character with David Slade attached to direct before he dropped out due to commitments to NBC’s “Hannibal” series.

They then clicked to a gritty crime saga-style pitch from Joe Carnahan based on the blind superhero’s ‘Born Again’ storyline co-written by Frank Miller, however at that point it was too late to meet the deadline.

Carnahan tweeted yesterday “Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids… We shall see. Time is NOT on anyone’s side.” With the rights reverting to Marvel, any “Daredevil” film would now likely fall under the Disney brand banner and thus would likely avoid the darker tone of the comics.

Following on from various request, Carnahan released the “sizzle reel” he created to pitch his ’70s superhero thriller take on the property to the studio.