Daredevil Costume Design, Violence Talk

Netflix’s “Marvel’s Daredevil” TV series debuts on the video streaming service on April 10th and today the show’s costume designer, Stephanie Maslansky, has spoken with Empire about designing garments for The Man Without Fear.

She confirms the costume will evolve across the season: “In the end, somebody else [in the story] makes his Daredevil costume. What’s really exciting is the evolution of it, and how he comes to have it made.”

This first outfit incarnation though, which show runner Steven S. DeKnight confirms was very much inspired by Frank Miller’s work on the title, was made from “practical sports and military wear, restitching garments from companies like McDavid, CAT, and G-Star” and was designed to be items Murdock could go out and find himself.

DeKnight also spoke about the level of violence on the show, saying:

“Netflix, of course, they don’t have a problem with pushing it. I mean, they go anywhere from G to NC-17. But the Marvel brand, that’s a little different.They’re obviously not comfortable going that far with it, though they’ve allowed us to push it much further than you’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since starting with Iron Man. It is much more geared towards adults. We call it PG-16. We don’t quite get to R, but we kiss right up to it.”