Darabont on Fahrenheit 451

“Shawshank Redemption” director Frank Darabont has owned the rights to adapt two great literary properties onto film for many years now.

The first is one of Stephen King’s best works, the novella “The Mist”, which he filmed and will release next week.

The other of course is the genuine literary classic “Farenheit 451,” Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi tale set in the near future where freedom of expression is banned and books are burned.

Out doing promotion for “The Mist,” Darabont told Latino Review that his adaptation of ‘Fahrenheit’ is “the best script I’ve ever done. Now it’s a matter of trying to find a home for it and getting somebody to cough up the dough to make it. That’s always the challenge. Particularly with something that’s that politically charged as Fahrenheit 451.”

He also revealed to MTV News that his old “Green Mile” star Tom Hanks was keen on the leading role – “[Tom Hanks] has stated his intention to do the movie. I’m hoping that stays on track… it’s not a for-certain thing, but all indications are looking very, very good right now. I would love to work with him again. He’d be perfection.”

The story follows Guy Montag, a fireman who begins to question his belief in the rigid society and his job of incinerating books.