Danny Boyle Talks “Steve Jobs” Failure

Despite strong reviews, Danny Boyle’s “Steve Jobs” film now has an air of disappointment about it following a botched release strategy which saw the film open strongly in limited release, then quickly jump wide to disastrous numbers which led to an embarassing 2,000 screen reduction last weekend.

Danny Boyle has now spoken to The BBC about what happened and says Universal should have rolled out the film more slowly: “It’s very easy in hindsight, but I think it’s probably that we release it too wide soon. [Universal] should have built more slowly.”

Boyle admits he was disappointed the film failed to attract crowds, but wouldn’t slam Universal because they supported the project when others did not: “I think [they] are genuinely very proud of the film. Yeah sure, you might have done it in a different way… But you know, you’ve got to get on now.”

The film has taken just $16.9 million so far at the box-office, only now just passing the 2013 flop “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher.