Danny Boyle Talks His David Bowie Project

Speaking with the guys at the Happy Sad Confused podcast, “Steve Jobs” filmmaker Danny Boyle has confirmed that his long gestating film about The Thin White Duke himself – Mr. David Bowie – is still a dream project for him even as it faces several major hurdles before it could go into production. Chief amongst them, from the sounds of it, is permission from Bowie himself to use his music:

“It’s a wonderful script, by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It’s a sort of musical, but we couldn’t get the music rights. I didn’t want it to go down the route of ‘Velvet Goldmine,’ which couldn’t use the music, and used different music, and fictionalized it and stuff like that. So, we had to put it away for the moment.”

Boyce previously penned the script for the likes of “24 Hour Party People” and Boyle’s own “Millions”. Boyle adds that one day he hopes to get around to filming a musical version of “Millions”: “It’s a beautiful piece, and I hope we’ll be able to return to it. I’d love to do this film. It’s not really a musical, but it is [laughs], so we’ll see.”