Danny Boyle Open To “Trainspotting” Spin-Off

Filmmaker Danny Boyle has indicated there’s a potential for his two “Trainspotting” films to get a spin-off following Robert Carlyle’s volatile Begbie character.

Speaking with THR, Boyle said that he’d like to see such a possibility as the character has a rich backstory thanks to author Irvine Welsh’s new book “The Blade Artist” which details Begbie’s life as a sculptor in California:

“It’s like a solo book. I think Bobby [Carlyle] would love to do that because it’s an interesting twist on the character. That may be made into a film. You couldn’t call it T3 because although some of the other characters come into it, they’re only featured just momentarily. It’s a solo story. You could call that a spinoff. … Blade Artist is a great read.”

Boyle wouldn’t say whether he would direct a standalone movie himself, but from the sounds of it no: “My affection is toward all four of them. I always saw it as an ensemble movie, so I’m still very much in that mode.”

Asked during the film’s Edinburgh premiere if he’d return, Carlyle told The Guardian: “We’ve been talking about that, I am up for doing it. So maybe we ain’t seen the end of Begbie just yet.”