Danny Boyle Climbs The Tower

“Trainspotting”, “The Beach”, “28 Days Later” and “Sunshine” director Danny Boyle is set to make thriller “Ponte Tower” with lottery funding from the UK Film Council’s Development Fund reports Teletext.

The film is loosely developed from the book by German novelist Norman Ohler and shot entirely in Johannesburg’s 54-storey Ponte Tower, one of Africa’s tallest skyscrapers. Michael Thomas (“Scandal,” “Backbeat”) is writing the script.

The skyscraper symbolised white affluence when it was built in 1975, but was known by the end of apartheid as one of the most dangerous addresses in the world as gangs infected the wind-ravaged hellhole it became.

The film’s story follows a girl from Soweto who moves to the tower at the end of Apartheid and comes under the control of a charming drug lord.