Daniel Radcliffe Talks New “Frankenstein”

Daniel Radcliffe stars in one of the few horror films hitting cinemas at Halloween this year – “Horns”. Already available on VOD services in the United States, the film is still taking a more traditional release path in other countries including the U.K. where Radcliffe has been doing press.

Speaking with Empire Online, Radcliffe’s next project to hit cinemas is 20th Century Fox’s new take on “Frankenstein” which stars Radcliffe as the servant Igor to James McAvoy’s Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Frequent “Sherlock” episode diretor Paul McGuigan helms this take on the story which will be very different to the book.

In fact, Frankenstein’s monster is not really a part of the action with Radcliffe saying:

“The creation of the monster isn’t right until the end – you see their attempts at it. Although I’m not sure we’re teeing ourselves up for four more movies or anything.

Instead, the movie will deal with the relationship between Victor and Igor, with the latter getting much more screentime than usual. Also the issues explored seem to be less about the perversion of science and more about the nature of creation:

“The story this time around is told through his [Igor’s] eyes. He’s granted more of a story than he has been before. It’s an equal partnership where one of them is trying to be dominant, [which is] what separates it from other Frankenstein movies.

It’s about the nature of creation, in many ways. Victor gives Igor new life at the beginning of the movie, so he can be viewed as my creator, and at what point do you step out of that shadow or continually pay homage to the person who gave his life back.”

Max Landis (“Chronicle”) penned the script for the film which also stars Mark Gatiss, Jessica Brown Findlay and Andrew Scott and is due out next October.