Daniel Craig Talks Bond 22

Out doing promotion for the indie feature “Flashbacks of a Fool”, actor Daniel Craig spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about how things are progressing on the upcoming James Bond feature:

He confirms there is no title yet, and that “We set up in the last one that there’s this organisation that is destabilising the world’s economy because they want to take it over, and that’s his job now, to go out and stop them.”

Asked if the villain that Mathieu Almaric is playing is the Algerian boyfriend of Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), Craig replied “there is a connection there, yes.” Shooting on the more physical aspects of the production kick off next week.

Also, Welt Online reports that the film crew will visit the Lake Garda region in Italy for ten days at the end of April. Filming is reported to focus on the area around the shores of the famous lake where scribe Paul Haggis spent his final few days of work on this film’s script last October.