Daniel Craig On “Dragon Tattoo” & Bond 23

Daniel Craig has just done a big spread for Esquire magazine (via Awards Daily and spoke about his upcoming projects.

First up, David Fincher’s English-language adaptation of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which he calls an adult thriller harkening back to the kind of film that hasn’t seen its heyday since the 70’s.

“it’s as adult as you can possibly make it. This is adult drama. I grew up, as we fucking all did, watching The Godfather and that, movies that were made for adults. And this is a $100 million R-rated movie. Nobody makes those anymore. And Fincher, he’s not holding back. They’ve given him free rein. He showed me some scenes recently, and my hand was over my mouth, going, Are you fucking serious?. it’s not that he simply showed me footage that was horribly graphic,” Craig says. “It was stuff that was happening, or had happened. And somehow you don’t see it.”

Then of course, there’s the twenty-third James Bond film, to which he says “Sam’s gonna do it, Sam Mendes, and I’m really fucking really lookin’ forward to the fact that he’s gonna do it” – referring there to the film’s director who previously directed 2002’s “Road to Perdition” in which Craig starred.