Danger Zone Gets Deep With “Top Gun 3D”

Whether you see it as pro-military propaganda, a throwaway piece of 80s entertainment fluff, or an exploration of homoeroticism in the armed forces – all of it is about to be coming right at your face.

Tony Scott’s 1986 classic “Top Gun” is being converted to 3D by San Diego-based Legend3D for a theatrical release in early 2012 pending director Tony Scott’s approval. Four minutes of the converted film, including the ‘Danger Zone’ aerial flight sequence, were screened in Amsterdam this week ahead of the announcement.

Legend3D is pitching this as a business model for conversion for catalog titles, they believe in it so much they’re the ones both funding and doing the conversion for the studio (and will thus share the revenue).

The original took in over $350 million worldwide (from a $15 million budget) and was a massive phenomenon despite mixed reviews. It spawned catch phrases, a hit song, and boosted the careers of everyone involved from actor Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer to producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.

It also saw a 2D theatrical re-release last spring ahead of the Blu-ray release last month celebrating the film’s 25th anniversary.