Dancy On An Eventual “Hannibal” Return

NBC’s “Hannibal” wrapped up its run a while back with the actors and producers moving onto other projects. Fans of the often experimental and highly acclaimed series though are desperate to see it return in some form.

So are those involved. The three key players – actors Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen and showrunner Bryan Fuller – have all expressed a wish to return to the series in the next few years. Speaking with Collider this week, Dancy certainly suggests he’s not ready to let things lie:

“I also am unwilling to let go of that show. I loved it. It was so much greater than the sum of its parts. That’s not to knock any part individually. I loved the experience and I loved the end result.

I’m so grateful to Bryan [Fuller]. Also, I feel like I’m the recipient of this great gift, which is the community that’s been formed around it, and the sense of ownership that so many people have. There’s a feedback loop that I’m the beneficiary of, in some ways, and I’m very grateful for that.”

After saying it’s encouraging to hear that Fuller is also not willing to let go of the show, he was asked if he’d be game to return:

“I’m totally game for that! I think if we were able to come back and make a fourth chapter, whatever that would look like and whether that would be another 13 episodes or a mini-series, or whatever, it would possibly benefit from everybody having stepped away from the show.

Any show that goes on for three years, and into the fourth year, particularly when you’ve got somebody as uncompromising as Bryan, there are battles that are fought along the way and trenches that people get into.

If we could come back fresh, with enthusiasm from every party involved – from myself I know, and Bryan, and I’m sure Mads [Mikkelsen] would be interested – then what could be wrong with that? I’d love it! Keep that hope alive.”

Dancy currently stars in Hulu’s “The Path” which is available Wednesdays on Hulu.