Dan Harris Re-Writes Matt Reilly’s “Hover Car”

Disney is continuing its long-gestating plans to develop Australian author Matthew Reilly’s young adult book series “Hover Car Racer” reports Heat Vision.

The “Speed Racer”-esque story follows Jason Chaser, a young student who races in the dangerous and cutthroat world of hover car racing with his vehicle the Argonaut and his nerdy younger best friend and technician Bug.

There’s also a lot of school class scenes set around the training school on the island of Tasmania which has been privatised, and the buildup to four ‘Grand Slam’ races held in London, Sydney, New York City and across Italy.

At last report Blaise Hemingway was adapting the script with commercials director Fredrik Bond the top choice to direct. Now, “X2” and “Superman Returns” co-scribe Dan Harris has come onboard to work on the script which the studio has been trying to tackle since 2004. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are producing.