Dan Folger On Playing Hitchcock

Dan Fogler (“Balls of Fury”) recently talked to MTV News about one of his next high-profile roles – that of legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock in the comedy/thriller “Number 13”.

Folger says “You see Hitchcock for two weeks out of his life in [his] early 20s. He just finished his first movie, which is supposed to be a comedy, but it’s not. So he’s freaking out about it and realizes that if he just switches a few things, it can become a thriller. [And] that’s how he finds his niche.”

Hitchcock’s original “Number 13” (or “Mrs. Peabody”) was only partially completed before it was pulled from production in 1922. Despite decades of searching, neither the footage nor the script has ever been found, making it more than likely that everything associated with the film has been lost to history.

This new “Number 13” takes its inspiration from Hitchcock’s more prevalent themes of suspense and mystery, placing the young director as a man wrongly accused. Folger says “The lead actor [Ernest Thesiger], who commissioned me to make the film, basically wants to make a comedy, but he’s just not funny. He suddenly disappears, [so] Hitchcock does some interesting editing to make the character look like he got killed [in the film]. And [since] the actual actor has disappeared, everyone starts wondering: Did Hitchcock kill him? They start to suspect me in [a fake] murder.”

Sir Ben Kingsley is slated to appear as Thesiger, and Ewan McGregor will play the editor who’s the person who starts to suspect Hitchcock of murdering Thesiger. No start date has yet been set.