Dan Brown To Pen “Lost Symbol” Script

Best-selling author Dan Brown is taking over scripting duties on the film adaptation of his most recent novel “The Lost Symbol” at Sony Pictures says Risky Biz Blog.

The novel is the third to feature the character Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and is set around Washington DC. There, the head of the Smithsonian Institute has been kidnapped and Langdon gets mixed up in a tale blending the Freemasons, Noetic Science and a killer tattooed from head to toe.

Sony adapted the second Langdon novel, “The Da Vinci Code”, into a poorly reviewed film back in 2006 which hauled in $758 million worldwide. Last year they adapted the first book “Angels & Demons” which scored better notices and a $486 million global haul. Critical reaction to the ‘Symbol’ novel labelled it the weakest of the three Langdon books.

Akiva Goldsman adapted the script for ‘Da Vinci’ while he and David Koepp co-adapted the script for ‘Angels’. At last report Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”) was set to adapt ‘Symbol’ but obviously has moved on if Brown himself is coming onboard.

While Imagine Entertainment is once again producing, neither director Ron Howard nor star Tom Hanks has officially committed to the project. Sony however is keen to get moving on the film and is probably targeting a Summer 2013 release for the adaptation.