Damon Says Bye Bye Bourne-y?

With director Paul Greengrass’ very public departure from the Jason Bourne franchise, the question of Matt Damon’s involvement was bound to come up at the press junket for “Invictus” the other day.

Damon surprised everyone though when he said that without Greengrass, he wasn’t interested in returning to the role during a press conference.

“I’ll just wait for him and when he wants to do one, we’ll do it…I think it’ll happen down the road. We just don’t have a script yet” said Damon. Asked by a report to clarify that if it’s Greengrass or no ‘Bourne’? to which he responded “Yeah, I’ve always said that” said Damon.

Asked about it later in a video interview by MTV, he confirmed his statements and seems open to another one but it would be at a time of his and Greengrass’ choosing from the sounds of it.