Damon, Greengrass Back For “Bourne 5”?

Welcome back Jason Bourne?

Deadline is reporting that Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are set to reunite and have begun making deals for a fifth film in Universal’s Jason Bourne series.

At last report Greengrass said creatively there was no place else for the character to go, but it sounds like he’s figured out a way to make it work that satisfies both him and the actor.

As a result, Universal is reportedly so keen on getting things moving they’ve given Greengrass the July 16th 2016 release slot they had previously assigned for the Justin Lin-directed follow-up to the Damon-less fourth film “The Bourne Legacy” starring Jeremy Renner.

That project remains in development and the studio apparently plans to continue development of it, but now has more breathing room to “broaden its franchise base” and so will go at a later date.