Dakota Goyo Is Jackman’s Son In “Steel”

11-year-old Canadian actor Dakota Goyo (“Resurrecting the Champ”) has joined the cast of the sci-fi boxing thriller “Real Steel” for DreamWorks Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

Hugh Jackman plays an ex-fighter who becomes a promoter when human boxing is outlawed for being too violent. The new gladiators are 2,000-pound robots with human qualities. His access to sub-standard robot parts hampers his hopes for glory in Robot Boxing, until he discovers a discarded robot that always seems to win.

The ex-fighter also discovers he’s the father of a 13-year old son (Goyo), and they bond as the robot brawls its way toward the top. Goyo won the role after a lengthy and competitive audition process.

Based on “I Am Legend” author Richard Matheson’s short story, Shawn Levy directs the film which kicks off shooting in June. Levy, Don Murphy and Susan Montford will produce.