Dafoe’s “Justice League” Role Revealed?

A while ago came word that Willem Dafoe had been cast in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League: Part One,” but beyond that there’s been no word about his role and what potential part he could play.

Now, Birth Movies Death reports that according to their sources Dafoe is playing an Atlantean, and one categorised as a “good guy”.

Jason Momoa’s first appearance in the role scored some criticism for being essentially just the actor shot in a water tank and holding his breath – not the look the amphibious ruler should have. For ‘League’ though, Snyder’s gone for a different idea:

“My sources tell me that rather than shoot in a water tank this time Zack Snyder has set up an elaborate rig on a green screen stage – it’s a two armed rig, with Momoa clutched in one arm while the camera is clutched in the other. They two arms are preprogrammed to move in sync so that Momoa can do all kinds of maneuvers while the camera moves around him. I’m assuming there’s a similar rig for more elaborate flying stuff. Momoa’s hair will be CGIed into a flowy, underwater look.”

The site also says this time a bunch of the movie will be shot on green screen with background replacement, similar to Snyder’s approach with “300,” which gives him more control of the film’s visuals but also keeps the costumed characters away from prying eyes.