Dafoe Talks “Aquaman” Shooting Challenge

Out doing promotional rounds for Netflix’s adaptation of the manga series “Death Note,” actor Willem Dafoe spoke about his role as Aquaman’s senior advisor Vulko in both the upcoming “Justice League” and James Wan’s currently in production “Aquaman” films.

Dafoe confirms to Screen Crush that Vulko will have his usual mentor/advisor relationship with Arthur Curry in the films, with his ‘League’ appearance being only very brief. He’s got a much more substantial turn in “Aquaman” and spoke about how Wan is dealing with the issue of breathing underwater:

“Most of my scenes are underwater. Some are not. So much of it, because we’re talking, and shooting underwater is a lot of ways impractical because you’re limited to what you can do with sets. It’s more about shooting them dry for wet, and then the effects do certain things to give the water feel.

But we aren’t doing the scenes underwater, but we are in harnesses and on wires. There is movement. It’s not like we’re all sitting around pretending were underwater like this [stands up still], we’re swimming around, we’re moving. So that should be really beautiful.”

We’ve glimpsed an idea of what “Aquaman” will look like in the “Justice League” trailers, though it’s not clear if Wan is making further changes to the visual style that Snyder is employing for those scenes.

“Aquaman” hits cinemas on December 21st 2018.