D23: Mary Poppins Returns & The Lion King

As part of Disney’s live-action panel at D23 this morning, Rob Marshall’s “Mary Poppins Returns” was unveiled with Marshall and star Emily Blunt taking to the stage.

The first footage from the project was unveiled which sees Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) flying a kite with one of the children, and then suddenly up in the clouds Poppins is coming down with an umbrella.

There’s a chimney sweep dance number, the stars acting in front of a cartoon background like in the original, and even a scene in which original star Dick Van Dyke did some dancing. Walt Disney Studios hasn’t brought the clip online, but have revealed a motion poster of Blunt in costume.

“Marry Poppins Returns” opens in cinemas next Christmas.

Also screened was the first footage from Jon Favreau’s live-action remake of Disney’s animated classic “The Lion King”. From all accounts, the footage was met with a rapturous reaction.

“The Lion King” employs visual effects to bring photorealistic animals to life and the clip shown was the famous ending of the ‘Circle of Life’ number at the film’s start as Simba is held up into the sky by Rafiki as the other animals gaze upon them.

One big of casting news was rumored earlier this morning, that Hugh Jackman has landed the role of the villain Scar. Unfortunately, Disney did not announce or confirm Jackman’s involvement at this time.

“The Lion King” opens in cinemas on July 19th 2019.