CW Keen On “Friday the 13th” Series?

Though Jason Voorhees will return to the big screen in a second “Friday the 13th” reboot in the near future, we also know that the franchise is getting a small screen adaptation as well.

Franchise producer Sean Cunningham recently shared a few details about what to expect and Cinema Blend has delivered a breakdown.

First up, the show will take place at the “real” Crystal Lake, with the show taking place in a town that inspired the films with its own series of violent murders. This ‘meta’ approach means we’ll see how the movies have affected the town and its citizens.

The murderer who inspired Jason will be seen throughout the series and be a “more serious backwoods inspired killer”. Also, The CW has reportedly confirmed interest in picking the show up to join its ever increasing genre line-up which includes the likes of “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Supernatural”.