CW & FOX Set Dates, “Ascension” Scrapped

The CW network has set the dates for the season finales of its various comedy and drama series. The schedule includes: May 11th: “The Originals” & “Jane the Virgin,” May 13th: “Arrow,” May 14th: “Vampire Diaries” & “Reign,” May 19th: “The Flash,” May 20th: “Supernatural”.

Meanwhile, FOX has announced the premiere dates for its slate of summer programming with the big news being M. Night Shyamalan’s event series “Wayward Pines” will debut on May 14th.

Finally, Syfy has confirmed that there are no plans to pursue a full series of “Ascension” following the event series/miniseries debut in December. The six-hour show, set onboard a generational starship launch in 1960 and halfway into its century-long journey, premiered in December to weak numbers.

Source: Deadline