Cut “Beasts” Scene Makes Key Change

With “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” now out in cinemas worldwide, it’s time to talk about the ending, the fate of one key character and the impact on the film series going forward.


It turns out a key scene setting up the sequels was cut from the climax of the film, one in which it’s revealed that Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller) is still alive after his Obscurus form was seemingly destroyed.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, producer David Heyman revealed that the scene was taken out because they don’t want audiences to know exactly where they intend to take the franchise next:

“We actually had a scene, which we cut, which was Credence going to a boat, to get on a boat somewhere else. But we cut that, because we didn’t want to have it be such an, ‘Ahhh, here we go.’ [The scene was] him getting on a boat, maybe a boat with Newt, maybe not, and heading off out of New York.”

He even says that going forward, Credence (Miller) Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) and whomever they cast as Dumbledore are more important than the first film’s lead Newt (Eddie Redmayne):

“I don’t think [Newt will be at] the heart of all of them. I think he’ll be part — so will Tina, Queenie and Jacob — will be part of the next one. [Dumbledore and ] Credence and Grindelwald – I think they will be the main players.”

The next film is set primarily in the UK and Paris and will jump ahead a bit in time. How Credence will come back into play in the next one is unclear. It will hit cinemas in 2018.