Cumberbatch’s Khan Could Return To “Star Trek”?

Quite a few fans had issues with the liberties taken by J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek Into Darkness,” most notably a quite different interpretation of famed villain Khan Noonien Singh.

While many may have had issues with the character, reaction to Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in the role was much more positive. Cumberbatch, appearing at Comic Con over the past few days, tells MTV he thinks the door is open for him to return as Khan in potential future films:

“Maybe [Khan could come back]. He is in a freezer…we have all defrosted chicken in our day… Set the toaster to defrost and he will come out all bad and angry again. I don’t know. It depends on what direction they are going to take. There is definitely room for him to come back in some shape or form.”

Actor Zachary Quinto also told the outlet he doesn’t think Cumberbatch will be a part of the next film, but could return later:

“Any chance to work with Benedict… But I don’t know if it is now or later. I don’t know what they have in store for Ben? I would love to have him back.