Cuaron’s “Gravity” More Epic Than Expected

We always knew Alfonso Cuaron’s 3D sci-fi epic “Gravity” starring Robert Downey Jr. was going to be ambitious. How ambitious though might surprise you.

UK visual effects company Framestore, who worked with Cuaron before on the third “Harry Potter” and “Children of Men”, calls the project “the next Avatar” in terms of scale. Here’s a copy of the note they posted on their site and was discovered by The Playlist:

“The entire film will be made here at Framestore. In effect the film, as Avatar was, is 60% CG feature animation with the balance being hybrid CG and live action elements.

Because it’s set in space, most shots require every element to float in zero-gravity. But then factor in that this a stylish Cuaron flick, directed with his trademark languid feel, and you begin to realise the full scale of our challenge.

Cuaron’s long and fluid style (the opening shot alone is slated to last at least 20 minutes) leaves no cut points to hide behind. In short, this is a hybrid of a fully animated, photo-real feature film with a blockbusting visual effects movie.”

Framestore is currently seeking talent to help them realise this vision.