Cruise Wants Nicholson For “El Presidente”

Tom Cruise is pushing for a reunion with his “A Few Good Men” co-star Jack Nicholson for the comedy “El Presidente” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

If the stars align, Cruise would play a straight-arrow Secret Service agent assigned to protect America’s worst former president, an alcoholic, womanizing sleazebag elevated from VP. When a threat is made on his life, the duo must go on the run.

Attempts were made to get Nicholson onboard in 2010 when Jay Roach was attached to direct. The project was also considered a potential Robert Downey Jr. vehicle at one point.

Now, Doug Liman has come onboard to direct, Liman having just worked with Cruise on Warners’ sci-fi action feature “Edge of Tomorrow”. The pair reportedly went to Nicholson’s home last week where Cruise told Nicholson that he won’t do the movie without him.

Nicholson has reportedly agreed to at least read the script. Jesse Armstrong and Daniel J. Goor penned the early draft which Paul Attanasio has since re-written.

Source: THR