Cruise Shines To Coppola’s Youth

The Cruise/Wagner led United Artists is in talks to acquire “Youth Without Youth,” Francis Ford Coppola’s first film since 1997’s “The Rainmaker” reports Variety.

The $5 million film, which Coppola shot last winter in Romania, stars Tim Roth as a 70-year-old who is struck by lightning and suddenly gets younger and more brilliant. His quest: to understand the origin of language and consciousness.

By movie’s end, he and the love of his life (Alexandra Maria Lara) are literally speaking in tongues. Bruno Ganz also stars, and Matt Damon makes a cameo appearance.

Coppola adapted, produced and directed “Youth Without Youth” from the 1976 novel by religious historian Mircea Eliade. Coppola screened the film late February for friends and on Friday & the past weekend for individual distributors in Los Angeles.

Reaction has been mixed, but several distributors are pursuing including UA.