Crowe: “Mummy” Reboot Is “Seriously Scary”

This week came word that Russell Crowe is in talks to join the reboot of the currently shooting “The Mummy” franchise at Universal Pictures.

The Alex Kurtzman-directed film has been in production in the UK for a few weeks now with Tom Cruise in the lead role, and is the first in a proposed series of films sharing the same cinematic universe and featuring various classic monsters. Crowe is slated to play one such legendary monster – Dr. Henry Jekyll.

Speaking about the film whilst out promoting “The Nice Guys,” Crowe says the new film is not the action-adventure style tone of the Brendan Fraser films, but rather a full on horror tale:

“This one is kind of more designed to seriously scare the s— out of you. It’s very interesting, what they’re gonna do with that stuff. I’ve had a couple of chats about it with the director.”

Crowe joins a cast that also includes Jake Johnson and Courtney B. Vance. The film is currently slated to open June 9th 2017.

Source: Variety