Crowe Gives First “Robin Hood” Interview

Alan Jones, Australian radio’s nearest equivalent to Rush Limbaugh, talked with Russell Crowe on the Gilford-based “Robin Hood” set this week and a ten-minute audio excerpt is up at Live News.

There’s some interesting new information nevertheless that Jones relays in the broadcast. Ridley Scott’s set for example uses crops, buildings and infrastructure made not just of material of the 11th century period but assembled, constructed and grown in the same way.

An amused Crowe says he was shooting a scene where “the evil Sir Godfrey has put all the good people of Nottingham inside the corn exchange, boarded up the doors and set it aflame. We [Robin & the Merry Men] are come back from a meeting of the Northern barons because I think rebellion is in the air [laughs], we find this situation and have to chase Sir Godfrey off”.

Don’t expect things to be too sanitized either. In the battle swept by dust and fire, Crowe’s Hood is “chopping one guy through the chest through his crossbow, hacking another guy through the back, spinning the horse, telling Little John to duck cause he’s about to get a pike in the back of the neck, burying my sword in that man’s chest, turning then to find another pike man coming at me, taking the pike off him, using that to uppercut another soldier, then actually throwing it through the chest of another guy” says Crowe. There’s also a man-made bog which Robin has to save Maid Marian (Cate Blanchett) from.

Shooting on the 200-acre lot in the Surrey area, complete with French castle, will soon move to the west coast of Wales for several weeks of shooting scenes on the beaches there.