Crossbones To Appear In “Avengers 2”?

The other week radio personality Matthew Aaron broke the news that “Warrior” and “The Grey” actor Frank Grillo would star as the villain Crossbones in the upcoming “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Said rumor was confirmed a few days later.

Now, Aaron claims the source who broke the story about Grillo’s casting has some additional information. Apparently Grillo is signed on to play the character in three Marvel films including ‘Winter Soldier’, and the second is to be the upcoming “The Avengers” sequel.

That would most likely mean the third film in the deal would be a third “Captain America”. Considering his mercenary character is also the one who carries out the assassination of Captain America in Marvel comics, it suggests that Ed Brubaker “The Death of Captain America” storyline from the comics would form the basis of a third ‘Captain’ feature.

Source: The Matthew Aaron Show & CBM