Crossbones Is Main “Civil War” Villain?

We know that “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Frank Grillo is set to return in future Marvel films and will reprise his role of Brock Rumlow, who becomes the villain Crossbones. Grillo himself is keeping mum though as says he knows “less then (sic) nothing” about his part in the future Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Now, Variety reporter Justin Kroll has tweeted that the “Kingdom” and “Warrior” actor has a more vital role to play in the third “Captain America” film than you might expect. In fact, he may be the film’s primary antagonist:

Kroll wrote that in response to a tweet about the recent casting of Daniel Bruhl in a villain role that is rumored to be more of a setup for “Doctor Strange”. Whilst many are speculating as to what part he might play from Baron Mordo to Baron Zemo, it seems he’s still only a secondary baddie to Civil War’s main villain.

Also today, Badass Digest says that despite the increase of Robert Downey Jr.’s role in “Captain America: Civil War,” Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier is still a central character in the action.