Cross Gives “Luther” S5 & “Escape NY” Updates

The creator of the BBC’s acclaimed Idris Elba-led detective drama “Luther” recently struck an exclusive overall deal with FremantleMedia, the producer of his new pre-apocalyptic crime drama series “Hard Sun”.

In an interview with Deadline to discuss that, Cross offered updates on his various projects including the next season of “Luther,” the remake of John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York” and a sequel to Andres Muschietti’s supernatural thriller “Mama”.

In regards to “Luther,” which will return for a fifth series, he says the final script has been delivered and filming begins in January which would suggest a late 2018 airing. Cross says he’s “absolutely” still toying with the idea of producing a feature film version of the series.

The script for his “Escape From New York” remake is done and has reportedly scored the thumbs up from Carpenter himself:

“Robert Rodriguez is attached to direct and it’s looking good and exciting. It was quite a challenging script, it’s a challenging thing to reinvent. One of the most terrifying sentences I’ve ever heard in my life is ‘we’ve given the script to John Carpenter’. I crawled around for three days thinking ‘oh my god’ but we got John Carpenter’s seal of approval. He approved it and that’s all I need. You never quite know [if it’s done] but I might need to do some rewrites and do some nip and tuck but in the first approximation, my job is done.”

Cross is also working on “Inside” which he calls a “big dumb monster movie,” and “Mama 2” but the latter he’s not sure what is happening with it. He confirms that both the remake of “Sapphire & Steel” and his collaboration with Darren Aronofsky on “Riverview” for HBO both collapsed as projects and so won’t be proceeding.