Cronenberg: No “Fly 2”, Maybe “Eastern” Sequel

A little while back “A History of Violence” and “A Dangerous Method” director David Cronenberg revealed that he has working on a script for a part remake/mostly sequel to his 1986 body horror classic “The Fly”.

The original followed a scientist (Jeff Goldblum) who accidently crosses his DNA with a humble housefly. The results are disturbing, disgusting and twisted in a way you’d expect from the director of “Dead Ringers,” “Videodrome,” “Naked Lunch” and “Scanners”. Yet it was also one of his biggest crossover hits.

Cut to this week and Cronenberg tells The Playlist that he completed said script and submitted it to Fox but they are “not wanting to do the project” presently.

While that sequel may be out, a follow-up to his more recent 2007 crime thriller “Eastern Promises” is looking more likely. “Eastern Promises 2′ might happen… there is a script that we all like, including Viggo [Mortensen], and Focus is interested” says the director.