Cronenberg Involved In New “Fly” Remake

David Cronenberg is set to direct a remake of his own 1986 remake “The Fly” for 20th Century Fox says Risky Biz Blog.

Cronenberg originally wanted nothing to do with a new “Fly” remake. However new CGI and effects have evolved so much they apparently played a big hand in Cronenberg’s decision to come back to the franchise.

Cronenberg’s acclaimed original, itself loosely based on a 1958 feature, had Jeff Goldblum as a scientist who developed teleportation. He uses himself as the first human guinea pig, unaware that a housefly manages to get inside the chamber with him.

After a seemingly successful test at first, he begins to transform into a gigantic fly much to the horror of himself and a journalist (Geena Davis) with whom he became romantically involved.

Cronenberg will develop and potentially write this new incarnation.