Cromwell Explains His “Jurassic World 2” Role

It looks like Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm isn’t the only connection to the original 1993 “Jurassic Park” that’s returning for next year’s “Jurassic World 2”.

We already knew veteran actor James Cromwell has a role in the film. However, speaking with Larry King this week, Cromwell revealed that his character will tie back into another character from the first film:

“The character Richard Attenborough played, I’m his partner Benjamin Lockwood. We developed the technology of being able to clone the genes, and so I’m trying to deal with the blowback from what we have done.”

Cromwell’s Lockwood will butt heads with B.D. Wong’s Dr. Wu whose Indominus Rex creation essentially destroyed the park.

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Toby Jones, Daniella Pineda, Justice Smith, Geraldine Chaplin, Ted Levine and Rafe Spall also star in the film which is about to begin production under the helm of JA Bayona. The film opens June 22nd 2018.