Critics Awards Race Finally Over

The National Society of Film Critics voted the brilliant “Pan’s Labyrinth” the best film of 2006, making it the final critics organisation to hand out awards for this season.

With that all done an interesting comparison chart has gone up at Movie City News of the various award winners.

“The Queen” has landed the most wins with Helen Mirren basically steamrolling the Best Actress category. The film also got seveal wins for supporting actor, script and film.

Next up is “The Departed” with Scorsese himself beating everyone hands down in the director category. The film is also doing well for its script, and in the best film category behind only “United 93”.

With the exception of Sacha Baron Cohen taking a few nods, Forest Whitaker has the Best Actor category all to himself for “The Last King of Scotland”.

Other strong winners include “An Inconvenient Truth” for best doco, “Pan’s Labyrinth” for best foreign film, and “Dreamgirls” for best supporting actress.

Competition though is pretty fierce for Best Supporting Actor (Queen’s Sheen vs. Departed’s Nicholson vs. Little Children’s Haley) and Best Animation (Happy Feet vs. Cars).