Criterion Plans 39-Film Bergman Blu-ray Set

Criterion Plans 39 Film Bergman Blu Ray Set

Cinephiles take note, the Criterion Collection has just announced plans for “Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema,” a 39-film Blu-ray collection that serves as the most comprehensive collection of Bergman’s work ever released.

Releasing on November 20th of this year, and priced at just under a whopping $300 (though Criterion is selling it right now for $240), the set is accompanied by a lavishly illustrated 248-page book with essays along with over 30 hours of supplemental features. The box set is made up of various ‘programs’ of Bergman films, organised in a way to play out like its own film festival.

Everything’s included from the most well-known titles like “The Seventh Seal,” “Persona,” “Fanny and Alexander” and “Wild Strawberries,” to films that were previously unavailable including “Dreams,” “The Rite” and “Brink of Life”.

Each of the films has undergone digital restorations, including a new 4K restoration of “The Seventh Seal” and new 2K restorations of “Shame,” “The Touch,” “Waiting Women” and “The Serpent’s Egg” among many others, with uncompressed monaural and stereo soundtracks.

There are also introductions for eleven of the films, six audio commentaries, documentaries about the making of six of the films, five hours of interviews with Bergman, at least three programs about Bergman’s life and works, two rarely seen documentary shorts and heaps more.

Source: Criterion